Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kampung Batik Trusmi

Trusmi village is the center of batik industry and culinary Cirebon maintained. Not only the local tourists who come to this village, but travelers from foreign countries such as Japan, America, and Australia.
Trusmi village is located in District Plered, Cirebon, which is about 4 km from the city of Cirebon westwards towards the city of Bandung. In the village and surrounding Trusmi there are more than 3000 workers or batik. Labor batik comes from several areas around the village Trusmi, such as the village gamel, Kaliwulu, Wotgali and KalitengahHistory
The story begins Trusmi batik village of Ki Gede Trusmi role [citation needed]. One of his loyal followers Sunan Gunung Jati was taught the art of batik while spreading Islam. Until now, the tomb of Ki Gede are still well maintained, every year is quite solemn ceremony, the ceremony Change Welit (grass roof) and Replace shingles every four years. Along the main road within 1.5 km from the village to Panembahan Trusmi, today many of us have encountered dozens of batik showroom. Various signs appeared lined showroom adorn every building on the edge of the road. The emergence of various showroom is not separated from the high interest of the public, especially from out of town for batik Cirebon
Trusmi tweaking managed to become an icon of national batik fabrics in the collection. Batik Batik Cirebon own one of those Coasts, but also some batik batik Cirebon included in the palace. This is because Cirebon has two courts and the Keratonan Kasepuhan Kanoman palace, supposedly based on the history of these two palaces come some batik designs Cirebonan Classic, which until now is still done by some rural communities such as Mega Trusmi Chance, Paksinaga Liman, Patran Keris, Patran Kangkung, Lion Umbrella, Singa Barong, Banjar Balong, Chicken Alas, Sawat bride, Katewono, Mount Giwur, Simbar Menjangan, Simbar Kendo and others

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