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cirebon city tour

As one tourist destination in West Java, Cirebon city offers many attractions ranging from historical charm about the triumph of the Islamic empire, the story of the trustees, the Tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati Complex in Mount Sembung about 15 km to the west of downtown, the Grand Mosque Notices Rasa, At Taqwa mosque, ancient temples and heritage buildings of the Dutch period. The city also provides a variety of culinary Cirebon, and there are centers of rattan and batik.

Cirebon had 4 courts at the same time in the city, the palace Kasepuhan, Kanoman palace, palace and palace Keprabon Kacirebonan. Everything has a mix of architectural elements of Islamic culture, Chinese, and Dutch. Characteristic of the palace buildings are always facing north and there is a mosque nearby. Each palace has a square as a gathering place, markets and tiger statues in the garden or the front page as a symbol of King Siliwangi, a central figure in the establishment of the kingdom of Cirebon. Another feature is the original Chinese porcelain plates are finished decorating the walls. Some purportedly obtained from the European plate at Cirebon so Java port of the trade center.

Cirebon city has several parks include Water Parks and Gardens Sunyaragi Ade Irma Suryani. Water park Sunyaragi have sophisticated water jetting technology of its time, the water flows between the terraces where the princess preening, green lawn where the knights to practice, plus a special room of the tower and the door curtain is made of water. While some of the typical cuisine of this city as a part of culinary tourism, among others: jamblang Sega, Sega Lengko, Empal barrel, Docang, gejrot Tofu, Crackers destitute, Mendoan, Sate beber, Mi koclok, Empal tamarind, fried rice Cirebon, Ketoprak Cirebon, Porridge Cirebon chicken, prawn crackers and so on.

 Arts and culture
Cirebon Mask Dance
Batik Motif Mega Chance


Culture inherent in the people of Cirebon is a fusion of different cultures that came and formed its own characteristics. It can be seen from some typical performances Cirebon community among others Tarling, Cirebon Mask Dance, Sintren, Arts and Theatre Cirebonan Gembyung.

The city also has some of these crafts Cirebon Mask, Glass Painting, Flowers Rattan and Batik.

One characteristic of batik Cirebon are not found in other places is the motive Mega Chance, the motif shaped like lumpy clouds that usually form the frame on the main image.

Mega is the creation motif Chance Cakrabuana Prince (1452-1479), which is still often used. Motif is derived from the influence of royal-palace in Cirebon. Because in the beginning, the art of batik Cirebon only known in court circles. Now dicirebon, batik motif has been widely used mega cloudy various circles. In addition there is also a batik motifs are adapted to the characteristics of coastal residents

culinary gallery
Gejrot know, with a sprinkling of fried tofu


Beef intestine stew, "Sup Empal Gentong"
Sega jamblang ("Rice jamblang"), dishes to accompany rice served in teak leaves
Sega Lengko ("Rice Lengko"), vegetarian rice with tofu and bean sprouts
Mlarat crackers. Chips made ​​from tapioca flour and fried in hot sand (not oil)


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